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I always start carrots by planting them, lay row cover over the top and weight down the sides, then soaking the row cover 2 to 3 times a day ( or once a day in the early spring).   After I wet it down the first time,  I run the drip tape (one line per two rows) and soak the bed completely. Once the carrots come up, I remove the row cover and worry about weeding. I usually just mist the beds by hand, but I suppose you could set up some sprinkers/mister.   It is just quicker to do it by hand for me.


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I think someone here once described a misting system for carrot seeds. I'd like to set one up, but can't remember the details. I have both high-pressure and drip within reach of the carrot beds. Can someone describe what equipment they use to do this?
thanks, richard

 Richard Robinson
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