[Market-farming] misting carrot seeds

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I use runs of "orchard micro sprinklers" on stakes.  http://www.dripsupply.com/index_files/Page1785.htm

They are all plugged into 1" black poly at about 6 - 8' apart.  I like the black on orange tips.  At fairly low pressure I can irrigate two beds wide (8 - 10').  Maybe about 300 +/- feet of sprinklers at a time off of our domestic water with a 1" service.

At times they can be a pain to move around and work around and you'll lose/break stakes and tips every year but they are fairly low cost in the grand scheme of things and you can build and maintain multiple lines for a whole lot less than the smallest hose reel or pipe systems with higher pressure.  At least for us...

Many different options depending on the distances you need, your pressure etc. and I've always found Belle Terre to be extremely helpful with design, etc.


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I think someone here once described a misting system for carrot seeds. I'd like to set one up, but can't remember the details. I have both high-pressure and drip within reach of the carrot beds. Can someone describe what equipment they use to do this?
thanks, richard

  Richard Robinson
  Hopestill Farm

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