[Market-farming] advice for market vehicle purchase

Antoine Gendreau Turmel fermecouleedouce at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 14:37:38 EST 2012

I bought a 2006 sprinter van this winter and I love it, but I have not used
it yet for vegetable deliveries. Mine is a passenger van with the rear seats
and all and I use it as our second vehicule right now.

Two things I love about it:

-You can stand up in it (i¹m 6¹1²) That makes loading and unloading MUCH

-It has great fuel economy. It get around 20MPG when it¹s loaded (I have the
extra long version with high roof). The smaller ones get about 25mpg from
what i¹ve read. This van has more than twice the cargo area of my chevrolet
express, yet has better fuel economy. Not to mention the mercedes
turbodiesel engine that can last more than 600 000 miles...

The biggest drawback to the sprinter van is that it¹s a complex german
vehicule and you can¹t service it at your local auto repair shop. You have
to make sure you have a dealer (dodge, mercedes or freightliner) near you
that can service it. Having to drive 200 miles for a check engine light is
not something you want to be doing.

The Ford Transit seems like a goog vehicule, but it¹s way too small for my
needs. It seems Ford is making a bigger one in Europe, but it is not
available (yet) in North America.

Hope this helps. 

Antoine G Turmel

Ferme de la Coulée Douce
St-Antoine-de-Tilly, Québec

Le 05/02/12 16:07, « Beth Spaugh » <lists at rhomestead.com> a écrit :

> Our old pickup wasn¹t worth fixing up for inspection so we are shopping for a
> market vehicle.  I have been using our RAV4 for market, but we are thinking of
> getting a larger market vehicle.  We have pretty well settled on used Ford
> Transit Connect or used Dodge Sprinter.  Do any of you have
> experience/guidance with these?  We¹d pretty much settled on the Transit but I
> am a little leery of not being able to haul 8 foot anything and the Sprinter
> is the only other one that has really attracted me.  I heard rave reviews of
> it a couple of years ago and it was supposed to have 30 mpg mileage, but the
> reviews are more down around 20.
> Oh, neither of us enjoys fixing machinery, so reliability is a must.
> Thanks.
> Beth Spaugh
> Rehoboth Homestead, Peru NY
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> Wendell Berry
> "Without power over our food, any notion of democracy is empty." - Frances
> Moore Lappe
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