[Market-farming] advice for market vehicle purchase

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Sun Feb 5 16:07:15 EST 2012

Our old pickup wasn't worth fixing up for inspection so we are shopping for
a market vehicle.  I have been using our RAV4 for market, but we are
thinking of getting a larger market vehicle.  We have pretty well settled on
used Ford Transit Connect or used Dodge Sprinter.  Do any of you have
experience/guidance with these?  We'd pretty much settled on the Transit but
I am a little leery of not being able to haul 8 foot anything and the
Sprinter is the only other one that has really attracted me.  I heard rave
reviews of it a couple of years ago and it was supposed to have 30 mpg
mileage, but the reviews are more down around 20.  


Oh, neither of us enjoys fixing machinery, so reliability is a must.




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