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Transplanting peas works great. Two seeds per cell in 128s.  Let them get
about 1 1/2" tall so they don't get root bound.  I love transplants -
instant garden.  And you can set your trellis first and plant on either
side.  Even stand. Jump on weeds. A little earlier, but I am transplanting
my successions also because it just works so much better for me. 

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On 12-01-31 07:45 PM, Ron McElwain wrote:
> Any hints for getting an earlier start on snow pea production?  
> Ron McElwain

I have heard from another grower that you can transplant them.  I do
plan on transplanting Sugar Ann snap peas at two weeks age this spring
to try for myself.  If this works, that will make for some really early
peas indeed!

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