[Market-farming] setting up an LLC

Beth Spaugh lists at rhomestead.com
Mon Dec 31 12:16:48 EST 2012

I probably need to set up an LLC for the farm, to protect personal assets.
Can any advise on how to divide assets such as tractors, hoophouses, between
personal and farm?  What are the ramifications for depreciating new
purchases?  Do you make all new large purchases farm purchases, or buy new
tractors/hoophouses personally and somehow expense them out?


At this point it is sole proprietorship, but I hope to find someone to bring
in to expand or take over.  Advice on how to set it up to bring new members


Any and all advice is appreciated at this stage.  Recommended books?  So far
all the online stuff I've found has been extremely general.


Thank you.


Beth Spaugh

Rehoboth Homestead, Peru NY

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"How we eat determines, to a considerable extent, how the world is used." -
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"Without power over our food, any notion of democracy is empty." - Frances
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