[Market-farming] live-in gardner wanted

Nan Hildreth NanHildreth at riseup.net
Sat Dec 29 19:52:20 EST 2012

Because of a divorce,  I need a gardener to grow organic vegetables 
for market at the place back in the woods 70 miles north of 
Houston.   The beds, irrigation, orchard, berries. etc is partially 
setup.   In 2 months, by April, we could get income going of $500 a 
week and build from there.  (Zone 8b is rather warm and winter greens 
grow in Jan/Feb.)  I have the relationships for sales to restaurants 
and a spot at the farmer's market.

It's so remote that I'm looking for a family, else they would feel 
too lonesome back in the woods. It has a big old house on it and the 
woods are lovely. I am expecting to work with the family on money, 
production and sales until they don't need me.

Email me at NanHildreth at riseup.net or text me at 713-504-9901 and 
I'll send you the long story on it.

Nan Hildreth, 713-504-9901

"About 20% of the fossil fuel we burn goes to the food 
system.  That's as much as goes to personal transportation.  ... We 
don't often think about food in connection with climate change, but 
it is a tremendous contributor ... it's one of the easier ways to 
address the problem." says Michael Pollan, author in the documentary 
"Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat" which can 
be played online at Netflix.  

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