[Market-farming] Broadforks

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 22:51:48 EST 2012

Good question about broadforks.  We dig beds in our HT by hand, plus I
often do so for other beds where I put in root crops.

I do think it important to choose wood handles, as the ergonomics of metal
handles did not work for me, in two types I tried.

I have a Johnny's 520, which I use for 1/2 my 42" beds at a time.

The weight is enough for me.
My hesistation with the 7 tine one, at 24"? wide, is the extra weight.
I've had mine for several years and have not broken the handles.  I wonder
if with 7 tines, might be more likely to in my soil, with the occasional
rock?  Could ask Johnny's technical folks about which soil types are best
for 5 tine, 7 or 9 tine.  I do know they talked me out of the 9 tine when I
purchased mine.

I like the fact that a tine bends when hung up on a deep rock, instead of
something else breaking.  It's fairly easy to bend the tine back in the
hole in an anvil, or something similarly heavy, such as the holes on the
end of a wagon tongue or other equipment.

Can get a good workout without becoming sore, so definitely built with
ergonomics in mind.  Glad I spent the money for one.

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