[Market-farming] Broadforks

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Fri Dec 28 12:56:57 EST 2012

I've used the wooden-handled broadfork from Johnny's and the the 
steel-handled broadfork from Lee Valley (U-Bar Digger).

I tend to stick with the steel-handled because it's more durable from 
weather and usage.

But I'm one of those 6-foot men from the South.  The wooden models are 
definitely "lighter" after a long day.

Two side-by-side passes down a 4-5 foot bed is all you need for primary 
tillage.  You can also "wiggle" the broadfork under the clods you just 
forked up to break them apart.

For secondary tillage I use a 4-prong rake to chop up the clods and then 
a regular garden rake to smooth out a seedbed.

One big trick is to irrigate the hard, dry soil one or two evenings in a 
row before working, especially when breaking out pasture sod.

For your hoop house and established beds a wooden model will do a good job.

Steve Diver

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