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Etienne Goyer etienne at lejardinduvillage.ca
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I own this one from Lee Valley:


It is very sturdy.  The tines are straight, solid, and about as big as a
finger.  I generally like it, except that it is terribly heavy.  The
description says 19 lbs, but it sure feels like 50 in the field!  :)

On 12-12-28 10:38 AM, Pam Twin Oaks wrote:
> I want to buy a broadfork, primarily for loosening beds in the
> hoophouse, where we don't till. I want a strong one that will do the
> job, preferably cover a 48" bed top in two passes, and be manageable for
> normal farmers (rather than 6'+ bodybuilders). What does anyone
> recommend? Ash handles or steel? Curved round-section tines or
> wedge-shaped plate tines?
> I've looked at Johnny's, Gulland Forge, Cool Tools, Valley Oak,
> Grelinette from Red Pig Tools, Meadow Creature and Lehman's. Is there a
> good one I'm missing?
> Currently I'm favoring ash handles, 4" tine gap, not more; 24" width or
> so. This leads me towards either the Gulland Forge or Johnny's 727 (7
> tines in 27"). Both have curved round tines, as it happens (I wasn't
> sure which way to lean on the tine shape question.) The Grelinette
> sounds nice but costs 50% more.
> I welcome recommendations, especially if you've tried more than one
> brand. Also any problems you've encountered, or aspects I haven't mentioned.
> Thanks!
> Pam, Twin Oaks Community, central Virginia
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