[Market-farming] I need the perfect spinach planter

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I have heard very good things about the 4-row pinpoint but mostly in terms
of lettuce and all the brassica family greens.  Not sure how it does with
spinach.  My guess is that it may not be well suited to get the spacing you
may want for full-sized spinach but might be great for baby-leaf spinach.
I bought a Jang a few years ago and one of the crops I was especially
wanting to use it for was spinach because of the skipping and bunching
problems with the Earthway.  I cannot report definitively on results with
the Jang, however, because about this same time I decided to start using my
paper chain pot transplanter for spinach.  Results have been so good with
transplanting that I never followed through with using the Jang for
spinach.  (Full disclosure: I'm the guy who imports and distributes the
paper chain pot system from Japan.)  I prefer transplanting spinach because
I always get perfect, uniform stands (with 4" in row spacing) regardless of
field conditions (moisture and heat) because I can germinate the spinach in
a germination chamber or my greenhouse or a cool place inside one of my old
barns during the heat of summer.  Transplanting also helps with season
extension in the spring.  Back to the Jang, I really like it for carrots
and radishes so I expect it would do a vastly superior job as compared to
the Earthway.  Among the direct-seeding options you listed, the Jang would
be my vote.  It is certainly more expensive than an Earthway but it is
vastly superior.  I've yet to swear at it!  Can't say that about the


On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 5:26 PM, Richard Robinson <rrobinson at nasw.org>wrote:

> I'd like to get recommendations from those of you who use push or pull
> seeders. I would like a seeder that is really, really good at planting
> spinach. I grow a lot of it (raw seed, beds about 40' long), and it's one
> of the few things I don't start in soil blocks. It looks like my choices
> are Earthway, Glaser, four-row pinpoint, six-row, and Jang.
> --I have an Earthway and am constantly frustrated with it, as it seems to
> skip and bunch a lot. If someone has had good experience with the Earthway
> for spinach, I'd be interested.
> --I've used the six-row, planting two rows at at a time, and it is pretty
> awesome, but seems like more tool than I really need.
> --I wouldn't mind using the four-row as a single-row planter, but have
> heard no reviews.
> --Glaser users--what say you?
> --I expect I'd be happy with a Jang. How is it for spinach?
> thanks.
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