[Market-farming] to hire, or not to hire?

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Wed Dec 26 12:31:07 EST 2012

That's an excellent point, the differences between employee and  partner.  
I'll have to add that into my considerations.  One more  angle to mull.......
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA
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rrobinson at nasw.org writes:

On 12/26/2012 at 12:11:01 PM,  KAKerby at aol.com wrote:
> We have been on the fence  for awhile now about hiring some help for the
> production year.   Things came to a head this past weekend, when a good 
> of ours, who has worked  with us here sporadically in the past, dropped a
> comment at a Christmas  party that she thinks we should work together 
> 2013 as partners, really  rev up production, and go back to selling at the
> farmer's market.  
> A 15 second comment has  proven to give me three days' worth of "should 
we or
> shouldn't we?"  And  every time I think I've answered the question, I 
think of
> some new  "angle".
We work alone here, so take  this for what it's worth, but I would say that 
working with a new partner is a  whole different thing than working with an 
employee. The issues involved in  the former include decision-making, 
levels of financial investment, sharing  risk and profit, and a lot more. To me, 
it makes the latter seem easy, in  comparison.

Richard  Robinson
Hopestill  Farm

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