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Interesting idea Andy.  I would experiment with the in-row spacing to find
out what works best...it may depend on the variety you are growing.  I am
guessing that the 2" spacing might be too tight and that the 4" spacing
might work well. I use the 4" spaced paper chain pots on my basil and the
plants seem to grow well.  I think the 6" would be too much wasted space
given that you plan to harvest the whole plants.


On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 8:40 AM, Andy Fellenz <artisanfarms at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> For the last 10 years I've grown Basil bush style and harvested stems
> through-out the season.  This results in a fair amount of time being spent
> pinching blossoms and also yields a fair amount of odd length stems and
> more harvesting and bunching labor than I like.  For next season I am
> thinking about doing multiple succession plantings and harvesting young
> whole plants.  My question is what will be the best in row spacing?  Can I
> plant at 2" and get a reasonable amount of leaves, or should I plant at
> either 4 or 6".  The goal is to harvest the plants when they get close to
> 12" high.  I'll be using my paperpot transplanter to set the plants and
> will most likely plant the basil in either 4 row beds with 12" between the
> rows or 5 row beds with 8-9" between the rows.  Ideally, I'd plant every
> other week and harvest each bed for 2 weeks.  The basil will be sold in
> bunches or be used as a bonus for the CSA shares.
> Andy
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