[Market-farming] Basil in row spacing

Andy Fellenz artisanfarms at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 09:40:29 EST 2012


For the last 10 years I've grown Basil bush style and harvested stems
through-out the season.  This results in a fair amount of time being spent
pinching blossoms and also yields a fair amount of odd length stems and
more harvesting and bunching labor than I like.  For next season I am
thinking about doing multiple succession plantings and harvesting young
whole plants.  My question is what will be the best in row spacing?  Can I
plant at 2" and get a reasonable amount of leaves, or should I plant at
either 4 or 6".  The goal is to harvest the plants when they get close to
12" high.  I'll be using my paperpot transplanter to set the plants and
will most likely plant the basil in either 4 row beds with 12" between the
rows or 5 row beds with 8-9" between the rows.  Ideally, I'd plant every
other week and harvest each bed for 2 weeks.  The basil will be sold in
bunches or be used as a bonus for the CSA shares.

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