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Wyatt Jones (netzero) wyatt_jones at netzero.com
Mon Dec 24 14:50:38 EST 2012

I've been thinking about growing mushrooms, I have most of the equipment from brewing and culturing beer yeast and bacteria and have a small building I can turn into a clean room/lab, though I'd have to invest in a laminar flow hood, though I'm thinking about building one actually.  I'm not sure about marketability and profitability though, probably have to peddle them up in Columbus where it seems to be more affluent.  I do have some woods and I've been thinking about doing some growing outside and some indoors to get a more even crop over the year.  You can buy spawn but it seems to me to be more economical to culture it yourself and I do have some experience with that and can produce a lot of wood chips and can get grain suitable for cultivation.  If it starts to pan out I'll grow my own grain for the purpose.  Some people are cultivating morels but that seems to be a trickier proposition than most the other mushrooms, you can culture the mycelium pretty easy and it grows fast but he mycelium strands are also more delicate in transfers to new medium.  I did see some at Kroger's over in Kettering but their stock seems to be somewhat variable and I notice they don't carry as much as they used to.  Still I don't think button or oyster mushrooms are a good bet, not much profit in buttons and oysters are too perishable, though I'd probably do some of them (oysters) anyway for variety since its easy to grow them, even outdoors. I was thinking more along the lines of shitakes lions manes, maitake, chicken of the woods, maybe reishi, turkey tails, Nameko's, pioppino's etc.  Anyway just checking to see if anybody has any experience with the viability of doing this as a business, or side business.  I imagine doing it in someplace like California or the east coast might make it easier to market, Ohio might be a different story.

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