[Market-farming] Drip tape: Aqua-Traxx vs. T-tape

Wyatt Jones (netzero) wyatt_jones at netzero.com
Mon Dec 24 14:25:47 EST 2012


  >Why do the regular >tapes not work well for >you?


The regular tape doesn't seem to get much water  on the upside of even very slightly sloped hills and too much on the downside of the hill. The coverage gets very uneven over the whole length.   Its just rolling, not very big hills at all but its still a problem.  Some areas don't get much water and some gets too much if I try to get the drier areas damp enough, which doesn't seem to happen.  Some people have told me to run shorter lines but that gets a bit expensive for small areas when I have to run too many laterals that get in the way when mowing, cultivating etc.  On the flat areas it doesn't seem to be a problem

As far as the fittings they are all interchangeable, I've used mine on different types and brands, including T-tape and Aquatrax without any problems.

One thing I noticed, and this is a sidebar, I forgot to move my dripline every so often in the sweetcorn this year and the roots grow over it when I do that, makes it a real pain to take up.

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