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Fri Dec 21 11:07:49 EST 2012

That's a very troubling new development, if it turns out to be true.   I'm 
really on the fence about GAP.  Yes, we're changing some of our farm  layout 
to comply with GAP (mainly a more definite separation of animals from  crop 
areas, in both space and time) and yes, it's a good idea to have the  more 
robust documentation.  But I already felt like it was focusing a  tremendous 
amount of attention on only a small part of the problem.  And  now 
apparently they're throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  Richard,  if you can 
get some confirmation of that, one way or the other, I'd very much  
appreciate it.  I wasn't planning to attend the next GAP session here, but  maybe I 
will.  Even if we don't seek certification, it's probably prudent  to at 
least keep my finger on the pulse of this monster.
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA
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rstewart at zoomtown.com writes:

I missed  a GAPs meeting recently and heard that whoever was doing the 
course was  telling everyone that composted animal manure was being looked at as 
no longer  acceptable.  Wish I was there to confirm that.  Absurdity...
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