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Interesting - when I attended the meeting for GAP a few years ago, the  
presenters said that it applied to all branches of food production.  While  
meats and dairy were already fairly well covered by their own rules and regs,  
and GAP cert. would bring veggie production "into the 21st century of food  
safety rules" (their words), the presenters said that GAP guidelines applied 
to  any form of food production.  No distinction made in the workshop 
between  folks producing veggies and those producing other edibles.  Folks 
producing  meat and eggs certainly weren't told to go home because it didn't apply 
to  them.  If anything, the presenters said that GAP would streamline a 
farm's  various food safety methods such that all products met newer, more 
stringent  guidelines.  While eggs might not be quite as prone to food safety 
issues  as other foods, because they're cooked first, they certainly aren't 
immune from  such issues.
As for our own plans, we did eggs this year but planned to expand to other  
products in 2013 for that particular food hub.  We already have our egg  
handler license from the state, but I wondered if offering more products would 
 open us up to needing the GAP cert.  Sounds like there's a good chance it  
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA
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GAPs is  for produce, not eggs.  

I wasn't required to become  certified.  I did it as a way to force me to 
improve my documentation and  training procedures.  I hire several people 
each season and wanted to  become more consistent in how they are trained.  

In my area,  Central NY, customers are moving towards requiring a 
harmonized GAPs  audit.  This is also the direction the USDA is taking with the GAPs  
program.  The goal of the harmonized program is to address multiple  
certification programs within one audit.  Here is more information on the  
Harmonized GAPs initiative:  
_http://www.unitedfresh.org/newsviews/gap_harmonization_ (http://www.unitedfresh.org/newsviews/gap_harmonization)   .


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Andy, I don't recall if you said so earlier, but was this GAP  
certification voluntary, or do your customers require it?  I know some  folks are facing 
markets where it's not required per regulatations, but as  Richard was 
saying it's getting to be a requirement for some buyers.   Just curious.  We 
started selling eggs to a regional food hub this past  year and planned to 
expand our offerings in 2013, but I wonder if GAP  certification would be a 
requirement down the road if we took that  particular road.  I suspect that it 
will be, even if it never becomes a  regulation.
Kathryn Kerby
_frogchorusfarm.com_ (http://frogchorusfarm.com/) 
Snohomish, WA

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