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Heck, from what I understand some Universities are requiring it from the farms they work with for interns.  We've been working a couple groups here in the Cincinnati area to start a sustainable ag program where several farms are involved.  We've offered to add a class room to our future packing building and office when we expand in return for labor received from a 18 month internship program.  One of the parties asked if we were certified.  Not IF we followed GAP but if we were certified.  Voluntary certification currently, in the State of Ohio for the business we do will cost us over 10% of our gross income from the crops and process we current would need to certify.

Currently waiting to see what route things go right now.  I missed a GAPs meeting recently and heard that whoever was doing the course was telling everyone that composted animal manure was being looked at as no longer acceptable.  Wish I was there to confirm that.  Absurdity...

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> Andy, I don't recall if you said so earlier, but was this GAP certification voluntary, or do your customers require it?  I know some folks are facing markets where it's not required per regulatations, but as Richard was saying it's getting to be a requirement for some buyers.  Just curious.  We started selling eggs to a regional food hub this past year and planned to expand our offerings in 2013, but I wonder if GAP certification would be a requirement down the road if we took that particular road.  I suspect that it will be, even if it never becomes a regulation.
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