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Andy, I don't recall if you said so earlier, but was this GAP certification 
 voluntary, or do your customers require it?  I know some folks are facing  
markets where it's not required per regulatations, but as Richard was 
saying  it's getting to be a requirement for some buyers.  Just curious.  We  
started selling eggs to a regional food hub this past year and planned to 
expand  our offerings in 2013, but I wonder if GAP certification would be a 
requirement  down the road if we took that particular road.  I suspect that it 
will be,  even if it never becomes a regulation.
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA
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For my  GAPs inspector at the Whole Farm Review level the vinyl floor in 
the cooler  was OK.  GAPs is a multi-level program.  The Whole Farm Review is  
the most basic evaluation.  Farms can also have specific crops audited,  
their packing operation, trucking, warehousing, etc... I don't know if the  
situation would be different if the Packshed was audited separately, but based 
 on my previous work experience with food packaging and food manufacturing  
facilities, the key points of concern will boil down to separation of food  
from potential contaminants, washable surfaces and a regular well 
documented  hygiene and sanitation program.  

The bigger area of concern for  my GAPs audit was bathroom facilities for 
employees and documentation showing  that they were cleaned regularly and 
that, I'm not making this up, single use  paper towels or a hand dryer was used 
for drying hands.  Farms without  employees can get away with using a 
bathroom in the house without  documentation.  

My GAPs audit was extremely literal and there  wasn't any partial credit.  
Items were either fully in compliance or not  and each section was totaled 
up.  If enough points weren't earned or I  missed a critical point I would 
have  failed the audit.   


On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 12:06 PM, Vern and Amy <_vaspencer at sisna.com_ 
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Yes, thank you, Andy!  So a wood floor would be  washable if it had vinyl
or some such surface, right?

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