[Market-farming] New Cooler Construction

Todd Lister toddlister1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 07:52:53 EST 2012

You will not find an AC guy who has heard of the Coolbot unless he's a
farmer. I spent a lifetime in construction, have had my bot for almost
three years and have talked it up a lot. No one but farmers has heard of
such a thing.  Ac guys don't have cause to see such technology. There is
nothing like it on the market.
Question Vern: Why so much work and materials for an insulated floor?  A
slab with foam sheet goods and plywood on top of that  will give an
insulated floor that will not sweat in the summer.
If I were building a bot from scratch I would probably have a heavily
insulated wood floor with approach to threshold flush. for rolling cart.
On a separate note, I've had a dehumidifier  in there the entire three
years. In Georgia, this keeps the AC from occasionally frosting over.
One last thing is it takes all of five minutes to hook up the bot and my
space fell to 39 degrees in about 30 minutes after I turned it on.

On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 12:28 AM, Vern and Amy <vaspencer at sisna.com> wrote:

> Hi guys,
>  I just got a cooler/freezer yesterday.  My AC friend can't believe the
> CoolBot will do what it is supposed to do.  I am sending him a link so
> he can take a look.  I learned that you want to recycle an old
> compressor properly or you could get a $25K fine.  Sounds pretty far
> out, but it makes me think before I do something I would regret.
> My former career was concrete floors, walls, etc.  Dad says 8 inches
> (like a wall) has the insulating value of a single pane of glass (R-1).
> You can put it directly on the correct grade of polystyrene (one that is
> designed to carry the weight), but it is harder to finish the wet
> concrete then because the excess water can't get down through the foam.
> I would put at least 4 inches of sand or gravel on top of the
> polystyrene and then the concrete.  You want to make sure the subgrade
> below the foam is well-compacted and drained if possible to minimize
> heaving from winter freezing and breaking.  I would also make a thermal
> break of at least a 1/2" fiber board or wood or even better, foam if you
> have floor outside your cooler.  Maybe the best would be 4 inches or
> more around the perimeter except at the door (1/2" fiber or redwood) so
> you don't get a dip for a cart to hang up on.
> I am all ears for suggestions.
> Vern
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