[Market-farming] removing edamame pods from stalks

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Tue Aug 21 22:32:51 EDT 2012

Best way to remove edamame is to not plant it.  Ha!  On a more serious
note, back when I did plant it, I researched this issue and learned about
"stationary pod strippers" used in Eastern countries to remove the pods.
Further investigation yielded a publication with plans to build such a pod
stripper that a Washington state library was willing to photocopy and send
to me.  I waited with high hopes and was very excited when the envelop
came.  Upon opening it I found a diagram of a plank of wood with a V-shaped
notch cut into it.  Not what I expected but certainly easy to build!  I
tried it and it worked OK.  Biggest issue was how to deal with all the
leaves that also come off when you draw the plants through the notch.  I
set up two fans to blow away the "chaff" with only partial success.  So
then I was left with the issue of having to pick through the beans to clean
out the leaves and stems.  Again, this can be automated somewhat by pouring
the edamame from one container to another in front of a fan.  My
conclusion: not a great system but likely easier and more pleasant than
picking under the hot sun in the field.  I've since dropped edamame off my
list of crops to grow for sale and only grow a little to enjoy at home.
One thing that really helps with edamame is to find a good variety so you
are picking mostly large pods with 3 beans.

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