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Something to keep in mind.  Here in Ohio popcorn taken off the whole ear is considered "processed" and thus needs an inspected facility (no idea why).  However, popcorn balls covered in caramel are included in our cottage food laws and thus can be produced on farm without an inspected facility.  Pure madness.  Might be the same in your region, or if you are lucky...not.  :)

This will different from state-to-state.  We run 2 F2 Gleaner combines and have considered doing popcorn as all we would have to do is change screen in cylinder spacing.  THen we could run a couple acres in a couple hours and run them through our fanning mill...nice and clean.

A cheaper way to go would be to get an All-Crop harvester and drag it behind your tractor.  There is a guy here in Ohio that rebuilds them.

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