[Market-farming] Plow or plough

ecoponderosa 3cedarsfarm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 12:40:37 EDT 2012

On 8/20/2012 6:34 AM, MAsteveINE wrote:
>     Sir, I had not read your previous post before sending mine, but if
>     anything in it offended you

>     I am certainly sorry for it. I too am an over 70, and try to reserve
>     my BS for the management here
>     which will not scrap this horrible format in favor of one that has
>     photo and data files and a usefull
>     archive.

This can easily be accomplished by anyone who has administrative access
to the configuration options for this forum.
For data (i.e. maximum allowable message size, text and attached images
combined) and allowing attachments of images, 2 things need to be set:
In the page on "Content filtering"
Leave all boxes blank EXCEPT the following one:
"Remove message attachments that have a matching filename extension."
Put this single column list of file extension types in th box and save
the configuration:


In the main list configuration page:
"General Options"
Go to the bottom of the page and under:
"Maximum length in kilobytes (KB) of a message body. Use 0 for no limit"
I would suggest starting with 2000 (decrease or increase this figure as
needed but not below 1500 or over 3000). Put that number in the box and
save the configuration.

This works and will allow images to be attached to messages sent to all
subscribers. It will also allow messages to contain more text making the
archives and daily information exchange much more useful.

Also, put subscribers whose accounts have been hacked and are sending
the one line virus-containing web addresses to the listwithout their
knowing it, on moderation until their email accounts have been
straightened out, then off moderation. This will significantly reduce
risk to list members who might otherwise inadvertently click on those
virus posts and have their computers/email accounts infected.

I too am over 70 and am actively market farming on a small scale.
Massive use of three kinds of quarry rock dusts (pyrophyllite, granite,
basalt/feldspar(?)) plus other natural soil amendments
(azomite, aragonite, hi-cal lime, dolomitic lime, greensand, colloidal
phosphate, rock phosphate, granulated seaweed, dried composted clean
chicken manure (50# bags), alfalfa pellets and large quantities of
composted weeds that I scythed, have improved the quality of the soil in
my raised bed gardens and have given me the competitive edge in flavor,
keeping qualities, appearance, size and resistance to insects and
disease. I paid a lot to get this and am now enjoying the fruits of my

>     I hope you enjoy your week.
>     MAsteveINE
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>     I wanted to show a picture of a 100 yr. old potato digger that you
>     can still find
>     in VT and thought they might have them somewere else. You don't need
>     a hoe
>     because it gets them all. I have seen them sell for $200- 600. I
>     don't have some
>     fancy website, I'm just a 70 yr. old farmer who doesn't need BS from
>     this list,
>     I get enough everyday. I hope you all enjoy your day.

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