[Market-farming] Plow or plough

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  Sir, I had not read your previous post before sending mine, but if anything in it offended you

  I am certainly sorry for it. I too am an over 70, and try to reserve my BS for the management here 

  which will not scrap this horrible format in favor of one that has photo and data files and a usefull


  I hope you enjoy your week.


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  I wanted to show a picture of a 100 yr. old potato digger that you can still find
  in VT and thought they might have them somewere else. You don't need a hoe
  because it gets them all. I have seen them sell for $200- 600. I don't have some
  fancy website, I'm just a 70 yr. old farmer who doesn't need BS from this list,
  I get enough everyday. I hope you all enjoy your day.

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