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Richard Stewart rstewart at zoomtown.com
Sun Aug 19 21:15:12 EDT 2012

OK, we've been playing around with drying a WHOLE LOT of herbs and seeds and roasting peppers and milling them.  Trying to figure if there is a local market strong enough to get certified down the road.

I know my costs in production and foraging on stuff like Spice Bush Berries but I am curious about pricing for such a rare item.  I was selling them for around 32.00/LB now that I have learned more about them and drummed up some popularity in them I am curious what others (if there are any on this list) are charging.  Its a foraged crop and it takes a while to attain a pound but we are sitting on about 20 pounds so far, which is amazing.  We've been experimenting with a dehydrator and they are now dried to a perfect state and we've been letting them go ins VERY small amounts for specialty dinners.

We also do Paw-paws and elder berries which are far more common and easier to harvest both in ease and in quantity/poundage BUT also are more commonly found.  We also do staghorn, smooth, and veined/fluted/whatever Sumac.  Those are sort of our staple wild edibles that are glamourous but have been finding a small amount of demand for nettle as well.

So...spicebush berries, dried, do you harvest and sell them and if so what is your price?

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