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Sun Aug 19 18:46:43 EDT 2012

  I'd love to see photos of what you're describing!

  Yeah, me too, why dont uou rush out and get us on a list that does pics!!!

  Equipment names and design change with about every farming neighborhood  
  in the country so lets see if we can all at least get in the same field. 

  So here is a potato hoe.*


  and here a potato plow or middle buster*



       middle buster - moldboard plow with a double moldboard designed 
        to move dirt to either side of a central furrow"


  Note that this tool can be used to open a furrow at planting and can be run double
  for 2 row work. Extensions on the "moldboards" can be used for hilling dirt to the rows.

  The idea is that running the plow under a row of potatoes will break apart the hill and 
  since potatoes are lighter than soil the majority will pop to the top where thay can be 
  picked up. There is no denying that this is an improvement over just the hand hoe,
  but you will still need one to work over the soil so that you get at all the crop.
  Just how well all this works is a matter of dozens of factors just as it would be if you
   had a new 4 row Spudnik out there loading trucks 12 rows at a time.

  I am currently with the hand hoe, in fact mine is a short handled one as I work
  traveling on hands and knees, were I to go "to the next step" it would be to 
  something like this which allows crew to work standing and would be usefull also in 
  beets and mangles.* I am, however, damned if I can see over 25K plus plus for one!


  * demonstration only

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