[Market-farming] root digger implement options

Ryan Wood-Beauchamp woodbeau at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 08:05:45 EDT 2012

Buckeye Tractor (www.buctraco.com) sells customizable toolbar based
equipment on which you can mount a variety of chisels, coulters, discs, and
other tools.  It does get tedious to take a wrench to your toolbar again
and again to switch out the tools, but you can always buy another toolbar
later to have a dedicated one for each tool.

Mangels, large turnips, and rutabagas seem like the easiest crops to grow
on a larger scale for animals without harvest being tedious.  Unlike
potatoes and carrots, I wonder if you'd even need equipment to harvest
those on a larger scale .  It would be fun to check out some old-timey
books to see what they have to say about growing vegetable feed for animals.

-Ryan Wood-Beauchamp
Evening Song Farm, Cuttingsville, VT
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