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The recent issue of American Fruit Grower has an article regarding a new trap for spotted wing drosophila.  Believe the trap is nicknamed ‘red zorro’ and the trade name is CAPtiva.  Seems this is a pretty new pest, not a lot known about it, and new ideas are starting to flow.  

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Marlin and Christine, 
We in VA have a state entomologist, among whose duties is to identify agricultural pests.
There are keys that help entomologists identify insects at all life stages, including the larval (worm) stage.  (One of my summer jobs was identifying thousands of insects, one at a time, under a low power microscope.)

So for your pest(s), I would catch the offending 'worms', put them in an alcohol/water solution, in a small jar, and take to your county ag extension agent.  Our tax dollars are at work to enable these services.  You may also benefit from a visit, since these are causing economic damage.

A positive ID, by VA Tech extension, would help the rest of us in VA and neighboring areas. 

How you choose to manage the pests are up to you.  Once you have a certain ID on the pest, and hence its life cycle, control strategies are much more effective.

Hope you get it figured out,
Richard Moyer
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