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Rob Wallbridge rob at songberry.ca
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Hi Roy,


I'd second the fiber pak containers - cheap, biodegradable, and readily
available. For portability, I've seen people put a cellulose wrapper over
them secured with an elastic, but I find a pint slides nicely into a paper
lunch bag which is secure and easy to carry (though not as showy). I've
worked with the PLA "biodegradable/compostable" bio-plastic containers, but
as much as I like the concept, the current reality is that our local
municipalities don't accept them for recycling OR composting (hello
landfill), they are quite expensive, and any exposure to heat or direct
sunlight makes them deform and fuse together into a useless lump.


Hope this helps,



Rob Wallbridge

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Hi folks,


I'd like to be able to sell produce such as cherry tomatoes in recyclable or
biodegradable containers.  Can anyone suggest a supplier of such containers
that they have been happy with?




Ever Green Farm, Washougal, Washington

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