[Market-farming] Buckwheat question

Allan Balliett allan.balliett at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 20:20:55 EDT 2012

Mr Moyer -

Those tillage daikon (Groundhog radish?) greens are pretty HAIRY,aren't they?

How do you customers prepare them?

Are you saying the tillage daikons make good eating, also?

I have a funny story about a customer and large fall daikon, daikon as
big as my forearm, but it's not appropriate for a polite discussion
group like this one.

Thanks, Richard


On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 1:54 PM, Richard Moyer <ramoyer at gmail.com> wrote:
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>>    3. Re: Farming the back side of the calendar (Allan Balliett)
>> Richard,
> We, too have a planting of buckwheat that waited for rain, and now is in
> full bloom.  Plus another coming on, to bloom later, again drought delayed.
> Then what do I follow this with, and when to seed?
> From seminars I've been to by Ray Weil, and tillage radish lit I've read,
> one gets best root mass in late Aug planting, but still benefits from Sept
> and even early Oct plantings, depending on the year.  Roots not as deep with
> later plantings, but still good coverage and nutrient trap crop.  Greens
> also very good eating and a niche market for green sales.
> We pick and sell many late planted daikons, the latest planted ones more
> like French Breakfast size. But not 4 acres worth!
> Ray also showed pics of strip planted daikons, saying they did better than
> interplanted with small grains.  So, you could split the difference by
> tilling and planting strips of tillage radishes in your buckwheat, and let
> the remaining buckwheat bloom out, then plant radishes there last.  Then see
> yourself optimal planting dates for daikons on your farm, at least for 2012.
> How well will standing buckwheat work as a nurse crop for your winter wheat?
> At least worth a try for a portion of that planting.  Don't know what
> signals buckwheat seed to stop germinating.  How cold does it need to be?
> Good chances for some on-farm research...
> Richard Moyer
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>> I was growing buckwheat as a cover crop in hopes of also getting a honey
>> crop off it before tilling it under.  I seeded with a cyclone and
>> cultipacked and due to drought.  I was timing a planting with rain that
>> never came.  Due to drought nothing every really come up save a couple
>> plants here and there.  I let the plot sit hooping to plant a tillage radish
>> by the end of August.  We just had our first decent rain fall in I suddenly
>> have 8 acres of buckwheat growing and growing quickly.
>> I've never planted or had it growing this late and I am curious if anyone
>> else has had experience with it this late in the year.  Will it make it to
>> flowering AND still have time to seed winter wheat on one half and tillage
>> radish on the others?
>> I have no problem tilling under once it gets over 12" tall but I'd like to
>> see my bees get some honey off it prior to tillage.
>> Thanks in advance for any help.
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