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> Richard,
We, too have a planting of buckwheat that waited for rain, and now is in
full bloom.  Plus another coming on, to bloom later, again drought delayed.
 Then what do I follow this with, and when to seed?

>From seminars I've been to by Ray Weil, and tillage radish lit I've read,
one gets best root mass in late Aug planting, but still benefits from Sept
and even early Oct plantings, depending on the year.  Roots not as deep
with later plantings, but still good coverage and nutrient trap crop.
 Greens also very good eating and a niche market for green sales.

We pick and sell many late planted daikons, the latest planted ones more
like French Breakfast size. But not 4 acres worth!

Ray also showed pics of strip planted daikons, saying they did better than
interplanted with small grains.  So, you could split the difference by
tilling and planting strips of tillage radishes in your buckwheat, and let
the remaining buckwheat bloom out, then plant radishes there last.  Then
see yourself optimal planting dates for daikons on your farm, at least for

How well will standing buckwheat work as a nurse crop for your winter
wheat?  At least worth a try for a portion of that planting.  Don't know
what signals buckwheat seed to stop germinating.  How cold does it need to

Good chances for some on-farm research...
Richard Moyer

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> I was growing buckwheat as a cover crop in hopes of also getting a honey
> crop off it before tilling it under.  I seeded with a cyclone and
> cultipacked and due to drought.  I was timing a planting with rain that
> never came.  Due to drought nothing every really come up save a couple
> plants here and there.  I let the plot sit hooping to plant a tillage
> radish by the end of August.  We just had our first decent rain fall in I
> suddenly have 8 acres of buckwheat growing and growing quickly.
> I've never planted or had it growing this late and I am curious if anyone
> else has had experience with it this late in the year.  Will it make it to
> flowering AND still have time to seed winter wheat on one half and tillage
> radish on the others?
> I have no problem tilling under once it gets over 12" tall but I'd like to
> see my bees get some honey off it prior to tillage.
> Thanks in advance for any help.
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