[Market-farming] Germinating and planting spinach

Harriet Allen hattie_allen at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 8 09:03:44 EDT 2012

Allan, yes...it is tedious.  I dry them a little by placing on papertowels or rags, but they stick to your fingers, etc. and hard to put them down well-spaced. Nevertheless, if you can be patient and spend that time doing it you will have magnificent spinach when nobody else has it.  The more time you spend with the careful planting of the seed, the nicer it is and the less time you'll spend thinning, etc. When I calculate the actual time for my size operation where I am planting only about 120 foot bed with four rows at a time, it was definitely worth the planting time. Also, because they are sprouted, they come up fast fast and that means they are ahead of the weeds,etc.  They will establish much more quickly than just putting seed in and also won't have that lag time of transplants where you have to water and watch them forever in this heat.
Just do it when you are feeling patient and find a detail person to help!

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