[Market-farming] Fruit Set Temperatures

Thomas P Hurtgen hurtgenmeadows at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 06:58:04 EDT 2012

Allan and others, In zone 7b our eggplants quit blossoming and fruiting after a very weak start.  Peppers seem okay.  Tomatoes okay although starting to dry up.  We've probably had about 12-15 days over 100.  Also looking for a temperature chart.   Tom

Thomas P Hurtgen
hurtgenmeadows at gmail.com

On Aug 5, 2012, at 4:02 PM, Allan Balliett wrote:

> Howdy -
> Here in the mid-atlantic our daytime temps have been staying pretty
> much up in the 90s the last 3 weeks or so.
> While I got pretty good harvests of tomatoes, eggplants and sweet
> peppers last week, I don't see much fruit out there this week on the
> peppers or egg plants (tomatoes are, fortunately, loaded)
> I don't see many blossoms, either.
> I have some bush beans that are full of blossoms but are taking their
> sweet time to make any beans.
> Mr. Google has let me down for locating a precise and authorative
> explanation of reduced fruit set in peppers and eggplants and beans
> due to high heat that  I can pass along to my CSA members this week.
> I'm wondering if anyone reading this list can point me to such a
> document (like from a University, or something)
> Or, am I kidding myself and my peppers and eggplants have just quit
> after one fruit set?
> It's raining outside right now. Praise the Lord! I don't think it's
> getting cooler any time soon, though.
> Thanks
> -Allan
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