[Market-farming] How does your market assign vendor spaces?

Jay Sleichter jaysleichter at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 31 11:17:12 EDT 2011

I sell at much smaller markets, but two of them are first come, first serve.  With this being said, everyone is respectful of each others "usual space".  If we have new vendors, we let them know where to set up so they won't take someones "Usual" space.  We also ask to leave the spots by the electricity open, unless you are using it.

In my other market it is based on a percentage system.  In order to reserve a stall, you have to attend market 80% of the time in the previous year.  Then we go and set up stall assignments, the person who has the highest percentage goes first. If there is a tie, the person with the most number years goes first. If they started the same year, I don't know what happens, but usually they aren't fighting over the same stall.

If you are new, then you get put in wherever there is an opening.  If you have less than 80%, you can reserve a stall only after everyone with 80% has reserved theirs.

It isn't a perfect system, but it is pretty cut and dry.


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Our market uses three factors to assign vendors in spaces:
---distance of farm from market
---years selling at market
---unique items offered by vendor (less weight than other two)

This market, like many others, has grown to the point there are more
vendors wanting to sell than spaces in the covered area where most
customers walk.  Extra spaces are out in an adjacent lawn area.

After 4 years selling there, we have been assigned a spot in the lawn,
no longer under the shelter.  Primarily because we live 22 miles away,
in an adjacent county.  Bought our current farm there just under 3
years ago, as could not afford good grazing land in the metropolitan
county where market is located.  We looked for 18 months before moving
farther out, to enough acres to enable a full-time income.

A member of the Steering Committee has asked for additional criteria
for point tiebreakers.  The formula for assigning vendors may also be
altered.  How does your market assign vendor spaces?

Ours currently does not consider volume of sales, or number of weeks
you sell at market.  We're having a meeting this Mon, and the point
system to assign vendor spaces will be discussed.

At a more fundamental level, how are/should farmers market policies be
set, to encourage/enable local food production?  What levels of food
production, and how local?

Richard Moyer
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