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I know the law regarding fences, they can't tear them down without my consent and they are responsible for maintaining half, though there are exceptions.  One exception is if it won't add value to their property but that is only if there is no fence already in existence, they are prohibited by law from tearing it down in any case and their only recourse is to complain about its condition to the township which could cause me to have to repair it to the legal standard.  The township trustee neighbor also has a cornfield and as such his land is agricultural and he gets a tax break, basically having the taxable value of his land, including his house since its on the same parcel reduced to 35%, because it is being used for agricultural purposes and is over 10 acres, and as such he cannot claim a fence adds no value to his land.  The real motivation for him to tear down the fence behind the scenes in my opinion is that he is trying to coerce me into selling part of my land to him as he has been harassing me about it since I moved here.  Part of the disturbing issue with the fact that a trustee is acting like this is that he should and I'm sure he does know the laws about this and still chooses to commit acts he knows are crimes just because he thinks he can get away with it.  The reason I haven't taken him to court, except for the expense, is that my fences aren't in the greatest shape, ugly and patched though still fairly sturdy and intact, and I'm worried I'll be ordered, along with my neighbors of course, to replace them with new ones which I can't afford right now, I'm sure he knows that too and is taking full advantage of that fact.  He has a lot more money than I do and he knows it so I'm having to walk a fine line with him.  I've met the other township trustees and they seem a lot more honest but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by pushing things at the moment.  It might cause my neighbor more problems than it would cause me but my margin for error is pretty low at present.  The person with the pigs is the neighbor on the other side of me.  I know all this is going to come to a head at some point but I'm trying to maintain until I recover the money I've had to put into the court battles over my fathers estate of which I'm the executor.  Every one of my siblings has taken considerable amounts of assets I've had to recover, quite a mess.  As you can see I have a lot on my plate right now that I'm having to juggle.  I'm also getting an inheritance, if my father's estate ever gets settled and the land I'll be getting is worth quite a bit although its in another state and held in common with relatives.    I'm pretty sure partitioning and selling it will involve more court battles with my relatives but I should have a lot better cards to play after its all over, just have to hang in there.  In the mean time it isn't much fun dealing with the problems I already have so my tolerance for having other people heap more on me is pretty low right now.

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