[Market-farming] Making Biochar in my New Char Chamber

Marty Kraft martyk at allspecies.org
Wed Mar 30 14:11:57 EDT 2011

A Fiery Movie: I just uploaded another video to youtube. It shows  
firing my biochar chamber in my wood stove turning wood chips into  
charcoal. If added to the soil the carbon in wood chips will be back  
in the atmosphere in 10 to 20 years. However the charcoal that i'm  
making will last for several thousand years in the soil and will help  
plants get nutrients too. Before i add the biochar to the soil i need  
to soak it in a fertilizer or compost tea solution so it won't grab  
minerals from the soil. Once charged with minerals the char will give  
nutrients instead of take them.

See other videos arranged into a garden calendar guide at,

Marty Kraft

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