[Market-farming] Jerusalem artichokes aka sun chokes

clearviewfarm at bluefrog.com clearviewfarm at bluefrog.com
Wed Mar 30 01:00:47 EDT 2011

Have any of you grown and harvested Jerusalem artichokes, also known as sun chokes?  I have some growing the edge of one of my fields.  I didn't know what they were until this last summer.  They are the red variety.  I dug some tonight.  I didn't find very many and what I did find was shallow, about 2-4 or 6 inches deep.  The plants are pretty thick; in some places, maybe 2-3" apart.  Should they spaced further apart?  Should I fertilize them for higher yields?  Any other suggestions or places I should look to learn more about them?

Thanks in advance,
Kurt Forman
Clearview Farm
Palmyra, NY 14522

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