[Market-farming] boron-was lime powder application

Mike Rock mikerock at mhtc.net
Tue Mar 22 01:54:38 EDT 2011

If you talk to the guys at MidWest BioAg, or Gary Zimmer at Otter Creek 
Farm near Lone Rock, WI, you can get the whole skinny on boron and 
calcium as well as their relationship to soils and other elements.


Check Acres USA book sales list too.
Get a copy of The Albrecht Papers, by Prof. William Albrecht, premier 
soil scientist of the 20th Century organic movement.

Also see the four publications authored by Newman Turner on organic 
foundation farming.


Vern and Amy wrote:
> Thank you everybody for your input on lime.  I have talked to farmers 
> near me and 40 miles away.  It looks like I may find what I need there.  
> Will still need to study more on cation exchange, mineral balances, etc.
> Someone mentioned Boron.  My soil test said I was deficient and my 
> extension agent said I needed 3 pounds per acre.  I located a 50# bag of 
> Solubor and used just a few pounds diluted in the sprayer on the 
> 4-wheeler.  I don't think I got toxicity, but was careful not to go over 
> the recommendation.  I will probably recheck soil Boron this year.
> Vern
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