[Market-farming] high pH was (lime powder application)

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Hi Jay,


Very interesting. I'm in the opposite situation in most respects, since a
lot of my land was only cut for hay, without much returned to the soil.


One suggestion I would make, though, would be doing some plant tissue
analyses - this will tell you exactly which nutrients in your soil your
plants are able to utilize. You may be applying fertilizer needlessly, or
compounding an existing imbalance, by applying more N, P, and K. High levels
of P and K will tie up other minerals, depending on the ratios and your pH.
Building organic matter and stimulating microbial activity in your soil will
help lower your pH, too.





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Is any one running on the high side of pH, I am sitting between 6.9-7.4 in
my different locations. I run 6-10 soil tests a year and over the last 4
years I have been able to lower my pH .2 to .5 points. These are in hoops
and outside.  I had sulfur spring and fall.  1-1.5 pounds per 100 square

I am not up on cover crops, but could planting a certain kind help with
lowering my pH?

Also, my P and K counts are off the charts.  My whole "farm" use to be
outside hog lots for many years.  They were tore out in the late '90's.  I
just add some N and small amounts of P and K, concerned that even though
they are very high, that some of it won't be usable for the plants.

I think the high P and K helps to bring out flavor in my tomatoes. I always
get comments about how good they taste. 

Just curious to see if anyone out there is dealing with similar situations.



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Not all farms are the same, our place is high on lime and low on p&k so that
is the one we haveto keep  in balance here.  We generate our own N.


Phil from Iowa


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