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bobbett at windstream.net bobbett at windstream.net
Mon Mar 21 13:47:21 EDT 2011

In our area (south-central KY) with clay soil, the recommended amount is 10-14 tons per acre.  Thankfully it only costs about $7/ton from our local quarry.  It's lo-mag limestone.  One of our local organic farmers had it analyzed at Kentucky Univ.  He's also written a book on the ratios I've quoted, and now all the farmers in this area are applying it at the rate he's quoted.

As for boron, although I've never used it, a friend of mine who has said you have to use very, very little.  She told me it was something like a teaspoon of borax in 3-5 gallons of water.  She was recommending it mostly for strawberries, but it probably can be used in other parts of your garden/fields.

Do some careful research before using the boron.  Too much is a bad thing.

Bobbett, Liberty KY/ zone 6

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