[Market-farming] high pH was (lime powder application)

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Is any one running on the high side of pH, I am sitting between 6.9-7.4 in my different locations. I run 6-10 soil tests a year and over the last 4 years I have been able to lower my pH .2 to .5 points. These are in hoops and outside.  I had sulfur spring and fall.  1-1.5 pounds per 100 square feet.  

I am not up on cover crops, but could planting a certain kind help with lowering my pH?

Also, my P and K counts are off the charts.  My whole "farm" use to be outside hog lots for many years.  They were tore out in the late '90's.  I just add some N and small amounts of P and K, concerned that even though they are very high, that some of it won't be usable for the plants.

I think the high P and K helps to bring out flavor in my tomatoes. I always get comments about how good they taste. 

Just curious to see if anyone out there is dealing with similar situations.



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Not all farms are the same, our place is high on lime and low on p&k so 
that is the one we haveto keep  in balance here.  We generate our own 
Phil from Iowa
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