[Market-farming] lime powder application

Mac gofish54 at centurytel.net
Sun Mar 20 21:26:18 EDT 2011

A friend told me several years ago to apply half the recommended lime 
on pastures, take a soil test in two years and see how much progress I 
made.  We use ag lime on pastures because it has a longer impact than 
pelletized.  We've been able to make pretty good progress without 
breaking the bank.  Hope this is helpful - mac

Quoting Vern and Amy <vaspencer at sisna.com>:
>     We have about 5 acres of mixed veggies and 50 acres of hay/pasture
> to adjust pH.  I guess I should contact other farmers around here to
> find out how they do it.  The only pelletized lime I have found is
> Dolomite, and I already have plenty of Mg, which I think dolomite adds
> to.  The local farm store doesn't even carry lime, except dolomite.  Our
> area is not very agricultural anymore--not the best place to grow (soil
> and weather).  I might have to check with folks 50 miles out of town. 
> Any other input is welcome.  Thanks. 
> Vern
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