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Sun Mar 20 17:22:57 EDT 2011

All this talk about lime actually brings up another topic.  I've been  
investigating the topic of soil fertility and concentrations of various  
elements, as that relates to livestock health while grazing and/or eating forage  
harvested from those soils.  Didn't take long for me to get into a real  
alphabet soup of elements and relationships between elements and how  
concentrations of this impacts that, how pH impacts the whole shebang, and why  soil 
test results can vary so much between seasons, between fields and between  
years.  Made me feel like I needed to go back to school for a few more  years 
just to sort out all this stuff.  Assuming for the moment that a  return to 
full-time school is impractical, are there online courses or  continuing ed 
courses I can take to learn more about soil fertility, without  actually 
going back to University?  I've been doing the several-hours  workshops thing 
as they are available, but that usually only whets my appetite  for more, 
without answering many of my existing questions.  Maybe it's time  to get into 
that topic a little more in depth, no pun intended.  Thanks in  advance......
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, Wa
Ruminations - essays on the farming life at  frogchorusfarm.com/weblog.html
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