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Thanks, Robin, for your thoughts.

EQIP has liberalized considerably since they began the High Tunnel program last 
year.  (Originally, you were required to get a 30 x 72, single layer, no 
electricity/ heat, etc. house.)  At least in Vermont- and there are some 
differences state to state- they will let you do anything (Rolling Thunder, 2 
layers inflated, bigger house, etc.), but they will not fund these 'add-ons', 
you need to pay your own money.

We're looking at spending an additional 2-4k to go for a bigger house and 
Rolling Thunder.  While they certainly seem the most refined, I'm sure we could 
devise much less expensive ways of moving a house, if we weren't required to do 
an engineered/ manufactured tunnel.  I visited with Eliot this summer, and (even 
thought I think he gets royalties on the manufactured houses), he suggested just 
doing angle iron and wheels instead of the dollies, tracks, etc..


">>We just got high-tunnel funding through EQIP and are looking at a 30 X 
96 Rolling Thunder.  I'd love to hear anyone's experience with these houses. 

I have Rolling Thunder envy. I don't *need* another tunnel but I *want* a 
Rolling Thunder. Eliot Coleman sketched his rotation plan in the dirt (still had 
snow on the ground) for me two or three years ago. It was extremely helpful to 
see it even in the dirt.  He was going to be able to cover 6,000 sq ft over the 
course of a year with a 1,000 sq ft tunnel. I've considered selling my Quonset 
hut style tunnel so that I have room for a Rolling Thunder.  If EQUIP allows it, 
I'd absolutely choose this tunnel."

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