[Market-farming] Sorta OT - getting farm insurance for eggs, meat, dairy

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Thu Mar 17 10:00:57 EDT 2011

It took us over a year of contacting agency's all the country to get a  
large enough personal liability policy to sell our products.  This is a  real 
problem and insurance companies are really playing games with people on  this 
issue.  If you don't have product/personal liability your products and  
yourself, are not covered off the farm with an umbrella policy.  Umbrella  is 
for your farm only, I have one as well, but as soon as your product leaves  
the farm property it is no longer covered by that policy.  Our local foods  
council (Regional Group) has been working with different companies trying to 
get  this product more affordable.
Phil from Iowa
_www.timberridgelamb.com_ (http://www.timberridgelamb.com/) 
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