[Market-farming] Sorta OT - getting farm insurance for eggs, meat, dairy

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Wed Mar 16 22:04:29 EDT 2011

Our property started off as a rural house, no farming activity when we  
bought it 11 years ago, so at that time we got a residential insurance  policy. 
 Fast forward to today, and we have more than enough farming  activities 
here to warrant switching that coverage from a residential policy to  a farm 
policy.  The last few weeks I've finally started making some calls  to get 
that done, only to hit several major brick walls.  First, we already  sell 
eggs at market and via our micro-CSA, but the two companies we've contacted  
for insurance (Country Financial through Farm Bureau and Whitfield Insurance)  
are denying coverage specifically because of those eggs.  We also  already 
sell meat animals to zoological institutions, and had planned to do  
pastured poultry under what's called the 1,000 bird exemption for WA state,  which 
allows on-farm processing per year after a once/yearly inspection.   That 
coverage was also denied because of the risks that go with selling  meat.  We 
are not yet licensed for dairy, but both insurance agents said  that 
wouldn't be covered either, if/when we got licensed.  And these two  insurance 
agents are apparently the only games in town, so to speak. The  Country 
Financial rep has refused to return my phone calls.  The Whitfield  folks have been 
great to work with, and have said we can still get farm  coverage, but 
without covering those three particular items.
For those of you with farm policies, have you run into those walls?   If 
so, did you get around them or do you just go without coverage for those  
specific activities?  Anyone who has any suggestions for how to get  coverage, 
or how to live without it (and sleep at night), I'd love to talk to  you 
either on-list or off-list.  Thanks all!
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA
Ruminations - essays on the farming life at  frogchorusfarm.com/weblog.html
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