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We have a 26 x 96 from Ledgewood in New Hampshire.  First few years I was
careful about removing snow, not I just let it be, even through this last
one.  Didn't realize the snow had blown so much and covered the south side
up onto the roof, but no problems.
Rimol also gets good reviews in this neck of the woods.
Beth Spaugh
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Sorry for the loss of your tunnels. This winter has really been one for the
record books for us too. We're about 2 mi from Lake Michigan, in the "lake
effect snow zone".  I have one 96x30 Rimol Nor'Easter. Built in 2006. Have
had several blizzards this year where the tunnel was buried, especially on
the south side, with over a foot of snow, heavy and wet. This year was the
first year I was really afraid we might lose it, plastic bulging in on
inside between the bows. Especially because the temps stayed so low that
there was very little inside heating effect, which helps to clear snow off
the top. With waist deep snow  I couldn't budge it until the weather
improved. But it held up with no signs of damage.
Diana Jancek

On 3/16/2011 7:43 AM, somersfarm at dishmail.net wrote: 

Hi there,

During the last snow storm a few weeks ago we lost two 30 x 80 High Tunnels.
Such a devastating blow to our business!  We absolutely have to replace one
of them this year in order to somewhat function.  I am wondering for those
of you who live in high snow and high wind areas, where you purchased your
high tunnels.  We were so diligent to clean the snow off the tops and sides
throughout each snow storm, but the last storm was heavy wet snow that came
overnight.  Thanks ahead for any help you can be.

Kathy Somers

Somers Family Farm

Barnet, VT  05821

visit us on www.facebook.com/somersfamilyfarmstand


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