[Market-farming] high Tunnels/snow removal

Jay Sleichter jaysleichter at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 16 11:17:24 EDT 2011

I am a like Vern, I have 5 homemade metal or  PVC and metal tunnel. On Sunday night we have 6 plus inches of wet, heavy snow.  It was more like a Slushy than snow.  

I use 3,  2 by 4 beams in the winter and one in the summer.  The "beams" are just 16 foot 2 by 4 on edge. I bolt them to the top of the endwall framing and then bolt a 2 by 4 post at the end. Then I bolt the next  beam on. Since my tunnels are 42-45 feet long, I only have two posts per beam in addition to the endwall support. This is all bolted together and with help can go up in 30 minutes or less.  When I am not using them, they get attached to the sidewall for storage. 

They cost about $30, but that is cheap insurance! 

I go out and always sweep snow. I know that my tunnels are not the strongest and they will not stand up to feet of snow, but they have had up to 14 inch drifts on top of them with out any problems. This was light fluffy snow.

I can not afford to replace them all at once if a disaster happened, So I just go out and make sure they are clear and then sit by the warm wood stove when I am finished.


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   I hate to pigeon-hole myself, but since you asked, we reinforce our bows with poles or 2x4 posts.  Very cheap, easy to get out of the way in the summer, and lets us use very cheap frames, even 1.5" or 2" PVC!    With the PVC, I also put posts half-way up the sides at about a 45 degree angle as well.  Not pretty or convenient, but it will hold a snow overnight until we can get out and clean it off.
   I am dying to hear of better ways.

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