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We have a  Xsmith New Englander 27x48, a Ledgewood 30x96, and a Ledgewood
21x120.  Neither were affected by the storms we had this winter in
Massachusetts, while many in our immediate area collapsed.  We are on the NH
border and got a lot of heavy wet snow also.   We too are very diligent
about cleaning off the top and sides after each snow storm. 


I recommend Ledgewood frames to everyone I know.  Ed Person who runs the
operation and builds the frames is a farmer also and specifically designs
his houses to withstand the snow loads in NH.  They also come standard with
high sidewalls.  He is very helpful, delivers, and has a crew that can do
the installation for a reasonable price.


Check them out:




Frank Ventura

Dragonfly Farms







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Hi there,

During the last snow storm a few weeks ago we lost two 30 x 80 High Tunnels.
Such a devastating blow to our business!  We absolutely have to replace one
of them this year in order to somewhat function.  I am wondering for those
of you who live in high snow and high wind areas, where you purchased your
high tunnels.  We were so diligent to clean the snow off the tops and sides
throughout each snow storm, but the last storm was heavy wet snow that came
overnight.  Thanks ahead for any help you can be.


Kathy Somers

Somers Family Farm

Barnet, VT  05821

visit us on www.facebook.com/somersfamilyfarmstand



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